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Feroni, web site is online... 22.8.2013
Please send your comments and suggestions about our website ... 22.7.2013
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About Us

    Our national brand, basically founded in 2000 and now in our group, Feroni is rising up internationally. We have been acting in LPG-CNG field for long years and fortunately all our Works have been resulted with success. From starting to manufacture our own products, we achieved very good sales and feed back in worldwide. Initially, our main principle was to produce best quality products in Turkey and it let us to proceed this achievement for all around the world.

    Ourproduction is 3000 m2 closed area for our system products. Our quality system is accordance to ISO 9001:2008 international norms and all products are being manufactured according to ECE-R European regulations.
However by our full skilled team, we approach all kind of clients and companies. Due to our big attention to customer satisfaction, we are always available to cover all kind of issues. With this huge effort, we achieved a level which exporting more than 40 countries.

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